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So, what about you then? What kind of design or visual communication
challenges do you face and do any of the following strike a chord?  

  • You are starting a new business venture and want a great visual presence.  You're after something that truly reflects the essence of your first bold steps, initially online, evolving across all platforms in time – print, film, presentations, training materials and so on. You probably need a new portrait doing! This is all quite new and you want to know you're in safe, capable hands.

  • You want to step up the quality of your content, and would love to partner with a visual expert.  You want to find a designer who gets it, gets you, loves ideas and—because they have a good head for strategy and a really well-equipped toolkit—will be a great visual content creation ally.

  • You are writing a bookand want someone who can sort the design and illustration out, possibly artwork too.   Let's face it, this is possibly the project of a lifetime and a true labour of love. It needs proper care and attention to communicate your lasting message beautifully.

  • You would like a film, actually an animationto play out for a live event, dance/music performance, museum display, or perhaps some fantastic stock content for your website.  You do have some budget for this, and want to commission a clever techie who you know has a flair for visual story-telling too.

....and finally,
  • You just need an ideas person. As Director of your company, it could be that your client—a big household name—has asked you to submit a brilliant idea for something. You're stuck, and you want to hire an expert to help get it right – both having the ideas and getting those across at board level.

All of these are challenges I've tackled before and would love to help you with. If any of them do ring true, give me a call and we can see if we're right to work with each other.

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