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Lizzie Everard - Visual Communication
Lizzie Everard works with people in business to take ideas and communicate them visually using design, illustration, photography and animation.
An award-winning designer 
with nearly 20 years industry experience, she has learnt from some of the best in the business. Whether creating small illustrations for a blog, or devising bigger brand campaigns, Lizzie applies her strategic thinking throughout to position you perfectly for ongoing
and coherent communications.

As soon as you realise you have an idea to communicate visually, no matter how far it can be articulated, Lizzie is the right person to contact. Her wide repertoire demonstrates she can communicate ideas and stories really effectively, applying extensive practical skill and energy, intelligent insight, and a beautiful artistic vision. 

Browse Lizzie's work in progress here, or check out her portfolio site to get a feel for the wide range of projects she has worked on.  

If you would like to discuss your project ideas with Lizzie, do get in touch!

Alternatively, if you want to know the backstory, then read on

Lizzie’s Journey

After attending art college in Bournville (Cadbury’s chocolate village, where she grew up) Lizzie graduated in 1994 from Brighton University with an Honours degree in Visual Communication. She went on to work for two years as a Director’s Assistant at Lambie-Nairn and Company (brand creators for film and TV) in Soho, London. From here she stepped into five years designing for the BBC in Bristol, where she became lead designer on cross-platform branding projects, advising Marketing Executives on strategic implementation of their visual brand identity.

In 2001, after a visit to Nicaragua and Honduras which reflected her growing interest social justice, Lizzie left full-time employment as a designer with the BBC to focus on her personal work in photography. Following a period of study, she joined Magnum Photos in London on placement, working in the archive, assisting photographers, and later co-ordinating exhibitions for a short while in the Cultural Department until leaving in November 2003. During this time she worked as photographer for freelance clients including the BBC, event organisers such as Harvey Goldsmith as well as a number of private portrait and wedding commissions. She has taken part in group exhibitions held at St Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square, Wells Cathedral and Westminster Central Hall. Her latest exhibition, telling stories of teenagers living on the streets of Durban, was exhibited in The Menier Gallery in Southwark and also Bradford Cathedral.

Since this time, Lizzie’s work has evolved to combine her significant skills in both graphic design, photography, illustration and production. As well as tutoring photography students for 6 years, she has managed a design team towards delivery of the BRIT Awards screen package for design group Hello Charlie, designed and illustrated a book, ‘Making Change Happen’ by Jane Northcote, and delivered a major public art commission as part of Bristol’s city centre regeneration programme, installed October 2008. 

Lizzie is now based at Spike Island in Bristol, UK, with the team at Valuable Content, and can be found on a daily basis drawing, writing, photographing, tweeting and very much enjoying how the collaborations keep coming together in this super-creative, idea-rich city.